Desk cable management

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Desk cable management is just like cleaning the room. Only rather than try to stash clothes and books into a box, you are dealing with cables. To get started, you will have to select a plan on how to permanently hide cables away from been seen. Selecting a plan can take hours, and at first, the room or office can look so rough and untidy but it’s promises to be sparkling neat and organized when you are done. Desk cable management involves hiding, managing, and storing cables and wires on desks in a home or office. There are various desk organizers to help hide your wires and cable around a desk. Let’s take a quick look at some desk organizers for your home or office.

Desk cable trays

This is a basket style tray that is attached to the side of your desk via screws, so you can keep your cables and wires out of sight and elevated. The desk cable tray is available in different sizes to meet your specific needs, and it can also be trimmed or cut to your desired size. This desk organizer allows your cable to break out wherever needed. It is one of the simple and effective ways to get your wires off the floor.

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Channel raceway

The channel raceway has some similar features with the cable trays but it differs slightly in design. The channel raceway is solid and enclosed which means wires can only break out of the route on either end. This organizer does a better job of hiding wires from an aesthetic standpoint. There are varieties of style available such as locking raceway which fully hides cables, a j-hook channel that allows cables to be dropped in, and flexible cord towers to hide cables moving from the floor to a desk.

Cable wrap

This is a desk organizer that allows you to wrap and bundle wires together to hide, organize, and route them. It uses a spiral wrap which is a versatile method that allows single wires to separate from the main loop at any point you want- just like the under-desk tray. Another style you can choose with the organizer is the cable sash. Cable sash is a fabric style with a hook and loop style closure to protect cable bundles. The cable wrap is an ideal option when you want to organize lots of wires coming from a single source.

Cord organization kits

This desk organizer is a specially designed kit made to organize wires in the home and office, as well as keeping wires away from the reach of pets and children. The cord organization kit is ideal for both professionals and those that just want to tidy the house. This kit features wraps, sleeving, covers, and other tools you need to organize and bundle all exposed wires.

Cable storage

This is an organizer used to conceal wires, power strips, and adapters. You make use of a box-like structure or a bin to conceal excess wires, cords, and other clutter in a rough manner. In case of a conference, you can make us of a transition channel that runs from the floor to the table to conceal cable that runs to desk outlets, table-connected power, and data centers.


Ensure that you choose the appropriate desk organizer that fits your need. The desk cable management styles above can get you started in concealing unwanted cable and cords.

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The National Dish Of Japan, Sushi

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