History of black friday

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Yes, I know not everyone loves history, but history can be quite interesting. Not many people know that Black Friday has a history. It’s quite an interesting history as well. If you keep reading , you might learn something that you can surprise people you know with.

Black Friday

The day wasn’t always called that, because a Black Tuesday already existed and that referred to the day in 1929 when the stock market crashed and people lost everything. It wasn’t until years later, the economy got better and people were able to spend money again. Thanksgiving wasn’t always on the fourth Thursday of the month, either. Sometimes Thanksgiving was on the fifth Thursday of the month. Retailers were complaining that the shopping season was really short. It wasn’t until one of the U.S. Presidents officially declared the fourth Thursday the day we celebrate Thanksgiving. Then, it started.

Day After

Lots of people, starting in the nineteen fifties, would call into work sick the day after Thanksgiving, essentially giving them a four or a five day weekend. Many businesses, rather than determining who was sick and who wasn’t, decided to make the day after Thanksgiving a paid holiday. The Friday after Thanksgiving didn’t become popular in print until the the mid-1960s. This was when advertisers really started publicizing it and getting a response from the people.


Those four letters are music to women, who of course, shop more than men do. Some might say it’s the best sale of the year, and indeed it is. There are, of course sales throughout the year and by far, it is the best sale one could have. Sales have a dual purpose. They help people save money, and in terms of marketing, it helps draw new customers in so they can look around and become a customer. Let’s look at the pros of a sale.


  • Savings
  • Getting what you need
  • Shopping
  • Comroderie

All of these things are great for women.

The camaraderie, meaning that they are not alone and women can spend hours shopping is good. It’s always a great thing to be able to shop any way you can; online, in store, or on popular holidays.

The employees

It is important to remember that Black Friday can be a very stressful day for everyone involved. It is not only stressful for the customers but also extremely stressful for the employees at the stores having Black Friday.
If your employees are experiencing stress and conflicts it is important to address these issues. This can be done by contacting an occupational psychologist. An occupational psychologist can help your employees to deal with the stress and the conflicts Black Friday might cause.

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