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There are great prices to be found for faux timepieces. Some brands offer better ones than others for their ‘almost’ real watches. Get a new look with one of their selections that will not break your wallet like some would.


They are popular varieties for watches such as Rolex, Casio, and Omega. If you want a quality look for a lower price, they are all optimal choices. Find them in most places jewelry is sold to pick out which style best suites you. They are a mixture of rugged, elegant, or artistic for whichever you prefer.


  • Omega
  • Fossil
  • Casio
  • Kors
  • Rolex


There are many types of watches or time keeping pieces available for you to peruse under the discounted price section as they are replicas. View EBay or other wholesalers for interesting looks. They still offer the impression you want to give, just with the knowledge your bank account is still sturdy.


There are only slight differences in the real versus not, being weight, magnification, writing style, and general over quality like its tick and parts. However, if you are generally careful with your accessories, they will make a good stand-in with little noticeable alterations.


Ranging from thirty dollars to over hundreds, what you spend greatly depends on how close you wish to go to the real deal. If it is for smaller occasions, a smaller choice might be better whereas if you want it to last a bit, go ahead and spend the midrange. Real or fake, most on the market today are satisfying choices.

Determine what you are in the market for and then search for styles and prices that make you comfortable. Get a timepiece to show off your originality. Keep time stylishly with a faux watch to exude confidence.

Scared of buying online?

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