The 4 best-selling beer brands in the world

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People who drink alcoholic drinks love their beer and those same people can usually tell you right away what kind of beer they prefer and which ones they don’t prefer. For instance, if someone enjoys a Budwieser they might not be so keen on Carlsberg because the taste is so different from one another that it just doesn’t agree with their pallet. With that being said I am going to give you the 4 best selling companies on the market today based on a few different factors on why that is.

1 Budwieser

This brand would be rated number 1 in North America as the king of brews. The brewski is probably the best-known alcoholic beverage across the entire US and is at the top of the best sellers for that very reason.

2. Carlsberg

Being that this brand comes from areas of Europe you will notice a distinct flavor that also represents the area very well and people all over the world love this brand and will choose it over anything else like people will do with most brands that they have become accustomed to. Click on the image to visit our sponsor:

Beer and red cups

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3. Heineken

Heineken is a favorite for those people that want to drink brewskis with their friends, but also want to have a taste that isn’t going to be so hard on their pallet. They want to be able to have something that is going to be a little more light and in that sense refreshing to them compared to other brands out there and this is why the brand is a favorite among so many people across the world.

4. Becks

Becks is another best seller among the Lager variety would be Beck’s because it also has a distinct flavor that won’t be so harsh on the pallet allowing people to drink more of it while the taste can seem more refreshing to people compared to other brands on the market today. This would be why the brand sells so well across the world.

All of these brands have the same refreshing quality between them and this is why they all sell so well in any of the markets they are in. People love something that they can drink and not feel too full while also having something that is going to be tasty as well.

Beer and food

A good combination is always beer and some food. However not all food fits with drinking beer. A surprise to many though, is that fish, and not as in fish and chips, is a suitable side when drinking a beer. For example Sushi has shown itself to be a dish you can enjoy while drinking a lighter beer, for instance a pilsner or perhaps a Budweiser light.

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