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Make the Sale: Important Concepts for You to Close the Deal

The Initial Approach

Normally, you will have the advantage of a few seconds as you approach the potential buyer to acquire a feel for them before they are aware of you. As soon as they are aware of your presence, they will be begin to do the same thing. As you approach and engage them in conversation, you want to be as neutral as possible. Many times you’ll hear the phrase ‘Disarm Them,’ however, people can feel this which implies that they are a threat. This will trigger their instinctive human response and they regard you as hostile, as a predator hence the concept that anyone selling anything is a shark, and you’ve lost the opportunity to develop that casual, cordial relationship necessary for a successful completion of the sales transaction.

Let Them Talk to Guide Your Presentation

By listening to your prospective customer, you will learn what they are seeking and why this is of importance. Once you understand these two crucial aspects, keep your presentation focused on this and refrain from wandering into other areas. Giving them too much information, especially that which does not directly pertain to what they are looking for, will be a distraction leading to more questions in their mind creating doubt and quickly losing the impulse to buy.

Properly Answering Questions

Your answers to any questions should be concise, have an impact, and stay focused on answering the question. Avoid going into a spiel of other features and benefits, unless you can keep this additional information very short and it directly applies to the question. The longer your potential customer has time to think, the greater the chance that they will begin to talk themselves out of making the purchase.

The ‘Push’ to Close the Deal

The sooner you initiate that ‘Push’ to close the sale; the better as that buying ‘Emotional Impulse’ is usually short lived. There is also the basic fact that you don’t want to waste the investment of your time and energy on a customer if you feel that the buying impulse has faded or they are merely window shopping.

Your primary goal is closing the deal as quickly as possible. Your financial livelihood is based on the money you earn from the commission on the sales you generate not making someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This may come across as cold and unfeeling, but when a plumber comes to work at your house, do you think that plumber wants to sit at your kitchen table for an hour and talk about football?

Be human, yes, but remember the truth of your profession; you are there to close the deal as efficiently and quickly as possible. Your occupation is the selling of a product or service in order to secure a good living wage for you and your family.

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