Why you need screw compacting machines

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Do you need to compact different waste materials like paper, foils, films, cardboard, pet or even disposable wooden packaging? If yes, then look no further. Screw compacting machines may be just what you need.

Screw compactors help achieve high compaction performances. In fact, you can expect to see a marked 60-90% increase in dry matter with its use. This is possible because these machines are built with tough housing material.

The machine 

It has a stainless steel body for ultimate durability while its shaftless screw is made of carbon steel. Besides, this tough body is necessary for optimal abrasion resistance while extracting moisture from materials, for the prolonged life of the compacting machines.

The compactors also have a powerful gear motor and optimal chain drive that play an important part in completing all applications as quickly as possible, while minimizing disposal costs.

The other parts found in screw presses are a feed hopper, hydraulic clamp jaws, variable pitch compaction screw, discharge chute, a support structure, and an electric control system.

Main uses

As it is known, screw compacting machines are mainly used for the quick and effective compacting of various materials like fruit and fish EPS boxes. In addition to this, it’s also used to help in the separation of fluids from solids like water from washed plastics.

In fact, it can reduce the typical moisture in a plastic film by about 7-8%. Most of the industries use these compactors to perform both functions simultaneously. For example it is extensively used to both empty and compact juice cartons.

How it works

The material to be compacted is placed in the screw compactor where it is subjected to the feed screw’s high compressive forces. This is where and how the liquid is separated from the solid materials.

All the liquid which is extracted is then discharged through a vent at the base of the machine for further processing. It is a PLC which automatically controls the screw speed and clamping jaws’ cycle time to determine the rate of compression.

The screw speed and clamping jaw are in turn driven by highly efficient and reliable hydraulic motors. All the dewatered or dry materials exit the machine through a horizontal chute.

There are some screw compacting machines which come with alternative feed hoppers, discharge chutes and support frames that prove helpful and vital to use in specific customer applications.

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