Why you should consider investing in triple glazing windows

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Triple glazing windows were first introduced in Sweden years ago but are today commonly found on construction projects across the USA and Canada. These are windows with either three glass layers, or may have two layers and a low emissary or low-E film suspended between them.

Types of triple glazed windows

There are different types of triple glazing windows like windows having:

  • A traditional spacer in each glazing gap
  • A triple glazed glass in the center and an interior U-type channel that seals the inboard and outboard lites.
  • A suspended attached film that heats and shrinks to tighten for improved visible clarity.


Though they are on the expensive side, many homeowners use them while retrofitting older homes in colder climates for these many benefits:

  • For one, it’s a hurricane-resistant window, perfect for use in hurricane-prone regions.
  • Its three layers provide outstanding insulation, resistance to condensation and help reduce sound transmission. Besides, the windows are exceptionally safe because it’s rather difficult for vandals to break.
  • Upgrading to triple glazing windows is considered synonymous to upgrading walls and ceilings from R-20 to R-40. This is how and why they reduce relative heat loss, which in turn offers great energy savings while increasing inner thermal comfort.
  • If triple glazing windows seem expensive to you, you could always cut costs by installing a combination of double and triple glazed windows in the building orientation.

You could even increase the heat insulation by using insulated hollow frames to install the windows and end up saving money in the long run.


Nothing is too good to be true, including triple glazed windows. They have their share of disadvantages; one of them is its extra weight due to its three individual glass panes.

It can create problems with weaker sash materials and because of its thickness, there’s a chance of condensation building up on the window’s outer side. This is the main reason why triple glazed windows aren’t encouraged for use in homes with little or no wall insulation.

Besides, the weight can also increase labor costs, and affect your budget. With its casements offering width limitations, and restrictions while opening, it’s not possible to just install the windows. All these factors need to be taken into consideration during the installation.

As mentioned earlier, triple glazing windows are about 25 to 30% more expensive than double-pane windows. So while it may be worth paying so much for windows in extremely cold climates, it may not prove worthy in milder climates.

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